Huaxia Machinery

Shaoxing Huaxia MachineryCo., Ltd., established in 2003, locates in the industrial park of Lizhu Town, ShaoxingCity, which is 50km awayfrom Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. It covers an area of about10000sqm, with a 7000sqm well equipped plant. Now the company has 90 employees,10 of them are engineers.

The company specializesin kinds of precision castings production, such as pump and valve parts, highquality decorations, and various accessories for the industries of foodstuff,water system, marine, chemical, textile and automotives. Now the company’sannual capacity reaches more than 1000 tons, with the unit part weight rangesfrom 10g to100kgs. Most of these parts are exported to USA, Canada, Germany, Australia,Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and areas.

Knowing the importance oftalents and technology, the company put lots of efforts in training talents forhigh precision casting process and in improving development capacity. Thecompany has three strengths. Firstly, the company is good at casting andmachining parts required multi process. Secondly, the company has developpeddeplex stainless steel castings with strong corrosion resistance and PHstainless steel castings. Thirdly, the company has the capacity to design ormodify drawings for customers to be more suitable for precision castingprocess.

Due to our advancedprocess, scientific management, and our strong development capability, ourparts can meet customers’ special requirement in different materials, such asstainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel, not only conforming to domesticstandard but also international standard, like ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, BS,etc.Besides, we can also meet customers’ requirement in special process, such aspickling, shot blasting, sand blasting, polishing, plating, plastic coating,grinding, honing.

The company’s strongcapability also reflected in the advanced equipments. It equipped with high-classtest facilities, such as OBLF spectrometer(made in Germany), Universal testingmachine, Rockwell hardness tester, Airtight pressure testing machine, andMagnetic particle detector. Furthermore, new equipments such as CMM, Saltspraying tester and CNC are in the purchasing process.

The company equippeditself not only with these advanced equipments, but also with advancedmanagement system. It passed ISO9001:2008, and still in processing for TS16949 management system. It is committing to be a company with high quality andsatisfactory service.