El Sol Trading, Inc. started selling sporting goods in 1993 in a modest warehouse in Temple City, CA. Our first products consist of mostly skateboards and toy bicycles. Since then, we have placed our focus on high quality electric scooter, gasoline scooters and skateboards to accommodate our fast-paced, ever-changing society. Today, El Sol Trading, Inc. has become one of the largest importers of motor scooters in the US with two 60,000 square feet conjoining warehouses in City of Industry, CA. Our company sells to many other businesses around the world, and our products are often on display in major trade shows such as the ASR, ASD/AMD show, Power Sports Dealer Expo, and Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. The MOTOBRAVO brand is synonymous with quality, cutting edge technology, and value.

Our products are stringently tested and are made of the finest quality material to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Our staff frequently visit the manufacturing plants in China and collaborate first hand with design engineers to select the best possible components that go into each model. It is because of this relentless passion for perfection that MOTOBRAVO branded products have one of the lowest defective ratio. It is also because of this fact that MOTOBRAVO branded products carry one of the longest warranties in the industry. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your business and are always glad to help.